Milan Harris


Milano Di Rouge, where MDR stands for 'Making Dreams Reality,' is a premium fashion brand on a mission to inspire dreamers to Make their Dreams a Reality. Committed to delivering top-tier fashion products and exceptional service, we have become a symbol of style, creativity, and empowerment.

Founded on the belief that fashion is a powerful means of self-expression, Milano Di Rouge creates designs that resonate with individuals who dare to dream big. From trendsetting apparel to statement accessories, each piece is a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and authenticity.

Our mission is clear: to inspire and empower individuals to make their dreams a reality. Through our distinctive collections and inclusive approach, we aim to create a community of dreamers who not only wear our designs but embody the spirit of Milano Di Rouge.

We're not just a fashion brand; we're a lifestyle, a mindset, and a celebration of individuality. Join us in the journey to turn dreams into reality, one stylish step at a time. Welcome to Milano Di Rouge, where fashion meets aspiration, and dreams come to life.


About Our Founder  

Who Owns Milano Di Rouge?

Milan Harris, also known as Milan Rouge is the founder, CEO and owner of Milano Di Rouge. Milan is a Philly native who worked relentlessly to make a name for herself and build the 8-figure Milano Di Rouge empire. 

 Milan initially launched Milano Di Rouge with two shirts and a dream. She built the self-funded company from the ground up, working tirelessly to continue to elevate her brand. Today, Milano Di Rouge is an all-size-inclusive multi-million-dollar one of a kind fashion brand. 

After capturing the attention of more than 100,000 readers in 3 months on her then-blog,,  Milan seized the opportunity to launch Milano Di Rouge to honor her love for fashion. 

 Launched in 2012, Milano Di Rouge means “Making Dreams Reality;” over time, Milan has proven that big things can start small. The brand has grown to over half a million customers around the world and countless celebrity endorsements.

Today, Milan is a serial entrepreneur, a real estate investor and a philanthropist. She is the Founder of The Womanaire Club and The Mamanaire Club, two outlets she created to provide resources to boss women and boss moms like herself to help them continue to elevate.

Milan is the recipient of a Community and Civic Engagement Award from the NAACP Philadelphia Chapter for the outstanding work she does to uplift her community.

Milan is the co-author of Because of Them: Czar’s Story of Black Inventors and Their Inventions to teach parents and their kids about the people behind the inventions that we can’t live without today. 

She is also co-owner of College Boy Cheesesteak, the only authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak truck you can find in Los Angeles.

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