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Introducing: Milano's 30-Day Making Dreams Reality Challenge

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Introducing: Milano's 30-Day Making Dreams Reality Challenge 

Alright, dreamer. Now that 2022 is finally here, how about we create some new habits and plans? Better yet, how about a new 30-day challenge that will help us execute those plans and make our biggest dreams reality?

The Challenge

The truth is, all dreams can become reality. Whether it’s a book, a business, a blog, a podcast or something this world has never seen before, it's time for you to start living your dreams and believing that they can come true. 

With our 30-day challenge, we’ll not only make plans, but we’ll execute, reflect, brainstorm and research. If you follow the challenge to a T, if you show up for yourself, if you stay focused, and if you lock in, you’ll amaze yourself come February 1.

Check out the full challenge below:

Day 1 (January 1)

Discover your “why.” The reason why you started will keep you motivated when the journey gets tough. 

Day 2 (January 2)

Today is the day you start. Select a name for your new project. 

Day 3 (January 3)

Have a brainstorming session with trusted friends and/or family. Write down some ideas for your new project.

Day 4 (January 4)

Find new inspiration by visiting new places, listening to new music or reading new articles & books.

Day 5 (January 5)

How will you market your business? Build your logo and build out the social media pages and website. 

Day 6 (January 6)

Create a budget for your dream. Consider questions like how much you’ll need to get started? What will your monthly expenses be?

Day 7 (January 7)

Research your industry. Getting education before seeking compensation will save you time and money.

Day 8 (January 8)

Get registered. Obtain a business license and any other permits you may need to operate.

Day 9 (January 9)

Make new connections in your industry. Utilize Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin to build your network. Follow 3 people in your industry on all social media platforms. 

Day 10 (January 10)

Find a mentor to assist you in your personal and professional development. This mentor can exist in your head as well. Some of Milan’s mentors exist in her head, including Oprah, Beyoncé and Sophia Amoroso.

Day 11 (January 11)

Define your target audience. Who will you be selling to? What does your target customer look like? What does he or she like to do? etc.

Day 12 (January 12)

Focus on your own vision. Focusing on the competition will derail you from your vision.

Day 13 (January 13)

Make a list of specific and realistic first year goals. Make this list visible and use it as inspiration. 

Day 14 (January 14)

Acquire new business tools that may help you achieve your goals including software or other equipment.  

Day 15 (January 15)

Craft a vision board you can keep in your working space. Consider even making it your screensaver on your phone.

Day 16 (January 16)

Put yourself in your potential consumer’s shoes. Evaluate your product(s) or service(s) from their perspective. Are you missing anything?

Day 17 (January 17)

Create a list of specific people or businesses you'd like to collaborate with. Collaborations can mean increasing your audience, revenue and business network.

Day 18 (January 18)

Build a list of people you would love to have on your team. Pick different people for specific functions.

Day 19 (January 19)

Free day! You’re almost done. Treat yourself today.

Day 20 (January 20)

Find your competitive advantage/niche. What makes your product or service better than your competitor’s?

Day 21 (January 21)

Organize your present professional network. Who do you already know that could help you make your dreams reality?

Day 22 (January 22)

Write three words to describe yourself as a leader. What are some things that you may need to work on?

Day 23 (January 23)

What’s your biggest fear and why? Addressing your current fears will allow you to move forward more effortlessly.

Day 24 (January 24)

Write three words to describe your brand. This will help you build your brand voice and brand identity.

Day 25 (January 25)

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Write at least five each and be honest with yourself.

Day 26 (January 26)

Find some events you’d like to sponsor products for or be a vendor at in the future. Exposure and awareness are key.

Day 27 (January 27)

Compliment yourself on this journey. What’s one thing you’ve done well?

Day 28 (January 28)

Compliment someone that inspires you. Business isn't easy. Recognize when someone is winning.

Day 29 (January 29)

Re-evaluate your circle. Do you have people around you that genuinely want to see you win?

Day 30 (January 30)

Reflect on how far you’ve come and write it out in your journal if you have to. Don't forget your why. Your why is gonna keep you going when you feel like giving up. 

Day 31 (January 31)

You did it! Use today to make a plan for February. How will you keep the momentum and build on the work you've done over these past 30 days?  

Happy dreaming (and executing)! 

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Written By: Sage Reeds

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