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CEO Milan Harris is the epitome of hard work and perseverance.

On Friday November 11th, Milano Di Rouge celebrated 10 years of Making Dreams A Reality literally! Starting with just two shirts and a vision the Philly native has built an empire and is now recognized globally . Milan began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2012 when she was just 23 years old. Her ambition is impeccable which is how she managed to scale her business to a million dollar brand. Recognized for luxe, comfort, quality, and style the business mogul has magnified Milano Di Rouge by constantly restocking “what her customers love”. Milan continually, inspired by Beyoncé’s song “I Was Here” made herself a promise to leave a mark on the world. Each year in business Milano Di Rouge host’s The Dream Continues Fashion Show where the latest styles are displayed. Supporters who are known as Dreamers join together and celebrate the accomplishments of the brand and its achievements. MDR stands for Making Dreams A Reality which has been the mission of the brand since day one.

Still going, still growing, and still learning Milano Di Rouge has proven to be a resilient company. Although they’ve faced many obstacles it still remains one of the greatest luxury streetwear brands in the world. Milan, a former hairstylist and home health aide, prides herself on never giving up. Starting from the bottom, Milan was born and raised in West Philadelphia by her mother in a single parent household. Yet, she still managed to beat the odds by creating legacy, generational wealth, and a household name.

Who knew from the concrete a flower would grow. Sending out orders from the back room of her mothers house. Milan is religiously inspired by her mothers dedication and hardwork. Witnessing her mother as a young single parent achieve success in many realms of her life. Milan understood the importance of being a go-getter. Her mother is currently the Chief Operating Officer of MIlano Di Rouge. 

A conversation that would change Milano Di Rouge forever. Selling out constantly but not seeing any return of profit. Milan had a candid conversation with her father who’s in prison in April of 2015. She shared her process with him. He then began to give her advice that would change her business eternally “Never Sell Out”. Applying this advice has leveled up Milano Di Rouge to an untouchable empire. Opening the flagship store in 2016 enhanced the experience for supporters while also supplying the demand. Located in the heart of Philly MDR is symbolic for natives and tourists . The luxury streetwear brand has evolved from shirts to denim, sweatsuits, handbags, jewelry and more. 

Constantly sharing her journey via social media Milan has generated millions of followers who stay inspired by her and Milano Di Rouge. The Philly native has donated to countless charities and organizations throughout her 10 years in business. From organizing her yearly back to school drive, inserting $100 in random diaper cases in Target, to donating over $50,000 during the pandemic to single mothers and small business owners on social media. Milan is known for her down to earth character, girl next door personality, and humble spirit. 

Continuously focused on improving the entrepreneurial community for women. Milan established The Womanaire Club in 2018 for female entrepreneurs to exchange resourceful information and support one another through their journeys. Milan built Milano Di Rouge brick by brick  without a mentor which inspired her to create a community for women to share resources, tips, and ideas. The Womanaire Club is a safe space for female entrepreneurs to embrace imperfections while striving for greatness. CEO Milan established The Womanaire Club with the intention to connect like minded business women to collaborate, dialogue, and champion the idea of “still learning’’.

The Mamanaire club established in 2020 has been a hub for Mamas all over the world. A safe space for Mamas to congregate and fellowship through likewise experiences. This club was created for the mama who started her research as soon as she found out that she was pregnant. For the mama who needs a safe space to breathe and learn without judgment. For the mama who is still reaching for her goals. For the mama who loves her kids and wants the best for them. For the mama that still has a dream. For the mama that is dedicated to learning ways to raise healthy children; mentally, physically and spiritually, while also pursuing her life goals. The mission is to create a childhood that our children don’t have to heal from. 

Milan believes that her success is rooted in hard work and never giving up. Milano Di Rouge a company who acquired over $60 million in revenue from Making Dreams A Reality. 

Here’s a message for Dreamers and people all over The world: 


What are you willing to sacrifice? You can’t remain the same person and do the same things. You must let something go for growth to happen. If you are willing to let go, sacrifice, and work hard, you can make your dreams a reality. -Milan Harris 


                                           Written By: Katrisha Majors 

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