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Passion Over Paycheck

Many individuals tell themselves that making big money is more important than doing what they love.   So many people spend their days and nights feeling miserable because they work hard, long hours each day, but absolutely hate what they do. They feel as if they will never be able to reach their goals and dreams, for either financial or personal reasons.   Instead of starting up the business that you’ve always dreamed of having, or taking that acting, cooking, or nursing class, you take the safe route and deny your inner passions.   If you wake up feeling sad every morning about going to work, or feel depressed when you see your peers starting businesses, creating clothing lines, or doing their thing on television, then it’s time to reevaluate if your paycheck is really more important than your passions.   In Sister Act 2, Whoopi Goldberg tells Lauryn Hill’s character that if she wakes up every morning thinking about singing first, then that is what she was meant to be – a singer. If you wake up every morning wishing for that one thing that you can’t seem to get out of your head, then you should go for it.   The old cliché saying about doing what you love, loving what you do, and never working a day in your life, suddenly becomes real when you have found your calling.   You can suppress your true desires and wishes all you want, but eventually your passions will keep coming back to you in some form, regardless of where life takes you.   Many will never understand why you do the things that you do, or why you are passionate about certain things – but it doesn’t matter what others think.   It may take you years to find what truly makes you happy, and to stop caring about how others perceive you, but the time will eventually come if you are serious about changing your life for the better.   You must see and experience for yourself, that personal happiness is more important than just “making bank.”   It is not until you began seeing old friends actively pursuing their dreams, and living out their passions, that you will decide to finally take charge of your own life and work toward what you truly want for yourself.   There is no reason why you should ever feel miserable about going to work, or going to class, or whatever you do on a day-to-day basis.   Anything is possible if you truly commit to what you are doing. Whether it is becoming a doctor, a nurse, a hairdresser, or a chef, do all that you can to make those dreams come true.   Commitment is using a portion of your check to pay for an acting class that neither your parents, nor your friends know you are taking.   Commitment is using your last $100 to startup your business, get professional headshots, and make cheap business cards to get your name and face out there.   Commitment is stepping outside of your comfort zone, approaching random people, and networking with individuals that have the ability to further your life goals.   Commitment is quitting your job and selling dinners every weekend to startup your catering business, and build your brand. (I’m not saying that you should just quit your job all willy nilly, but you get the point).   The money may not present itself immediately, but in time, it will surely come.   Make a vow to do one thing each day that will further your career goals.   Go out and speak to random people. Put yourself out there. You never know who is watching and waiting to present an opportunity.   Surround yourself with other people who are working hard, and coming out on top – it will push you to step your game up.   Could you live with yourself, knowing that you had a chance to make your dreams a reality and you didn’t take it?     Janae Grier.

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