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Making Dreams Reality: Loe

How did you get your start in writing, and with poetry? I became a writer/poet randomly. Although it may sound simple the journey nonetheless hasn’t been. One day I made a choice to be a better woman spiritually, mentally and physically. I am naturally an analyst; however, too many thoughts can be destructive. So, I decided to put my thoughts onto paper in an attempt to get my life organized. It was from there my life made a transition. None of this was planned. I shared several pieces with family and friends and their reactions made me feel whole; it became a hobby. I started educating myself on my style of writing and came in contact with people who were somewhat like me. Between the advice I was provided with, the critiques and the support, I realized that writing for me has been therapeutic and still continues to be. Writing allowed me to release myself from all barriers and helped me express myself in a way that I haven’t and am uncomfortable with doing verbally; writing allowed me to love myself more.   Who or what inspired you to write your own book? I can honesty say it was my readers and supporters. I am a rookie in the game of writing/poetry, but my readers and supporters don’t seem to care or know. I would get approached after a spoken word performance, at a social event or in my emails about my words and how they were affected by it. They seemed to relate and admired my courage to speak on topics that many may be uncomfortable with talking about. After what I felt were enough conversations about me writing a book, I remember saying to myself “that I must be onto something.” From there I made another choice to push myself and make it happen. I did it for “self” first but knowing that others especially young ladies and women connected with my words, the book no longer became about me. It became about the overcoming and gaining the strength in others.   What pushes you to go harder? Do you ever feel like you want to give up? I wanted a lifestyle that I didn’t see in my neighbor like happiness, good health and wealth. There were no woman in my sight who I could model and my parents were only able to give me their blueprint, so I decided to create that woman and lifestyle that I wanted. Without directions or a guide it has been become overwhelming, however, the rewards always outweigh the struggle. When I begin to doubt myself and get defeated, I push through those emotions. I want a certain lifestyle and I’m not going to stop until I get it. I think about other successful people, mainly women and remind myself that if I stay in this emotional space, I will waste more time to become great. That mindset usually picks me back up. I learned not to rush and learned how to trust the process; every thing that comes easy or too fast may not be good for you. I have faith that everything will work out if I stay at my pace, continue to set goals and remain consistent.   What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced? “Doubt” is my biggest challenge that I am faced with. Although writing “Laminated Beauty” the book was my decision, not being in control of how it will be reciprocated or deciding what path to take after it gets completed gives me anxiety. Drake said “being indecisive make me nervous” and I can relate. I tend to always want to be in control of every aspect that involves my life. I like to be 100% sure about every decision I make and that is not always the case in my decision making. Struggling between right and wrong, what’s ethical, what’s moral, how much of myself do I give away, or did I give too much of myself away can be an overwhelming feeling and taints my creative process. Although every poem in the book is not about me, I still sway back and forth with the thought of “doubt”. I guess that’s the beauty in self-discovery   Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m at peace knowing that what is meant for me will happen. I’ve climb heights that I never thought I’d reach and I am impressed with myself now, so imagine what 10 more years will do to me. It still amazes me that my life is at this place now with all its pros and cons. I never had dreams as a child, I only had goals. My life continues to change directions as I search for happiness and as I age. I’m getting better at walking by faith and not by sight. Of course I would like to be financially successful, raise a family and get married. However, I always knew what type of woman I wanted to be and that’s someone who is happy.   Do you have a piece of advice for those who are trying to begin a career in writing, but aren't sure how? A writer must ask themselves “what’s their purpose”. It doesn’t have to be a righteous answer but in this genre you must have a reason-rather it’s for self or others. Once they discover their answer I believe everything will fall into place. The number one rule is to “do it with passion or not at all.” Without passion, your heart will not be connected to your work; which makes the long hours not worth it and the quality dull.   What three words would you choose to best describe yourself? Why? “Never Say Never” is one of my favorite quotes and describes my lifestyle. As a Scorpio woman, I am spontaneous and extremely curious. Those characteristics keep me on edge, searching for new adventures, which in return, made me love and appreciate culture. To judge is to be ignorant. You never know what you will or won’t do and why would you want to. You should always challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be scared. Take yourself on a new journey; you might like it.   What's your favorite dessert? My favorite dessert is anything involving chocolate and ice-cream.   Tell us your next step on making your dreams reality “LaminatedBeauty” the book will be release Summer/2015. The first book signing will be in Philadelphia; date TBA. My next challenge will be writing songs and scripts which I am excited about.   ​Please provide information for our viewers to use​ to contact you. Instagram: _laminatedbeauty Facebook: Laminated Beauty Twitter: _loeann Email:

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