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Making Dreams Reality Interview with MUA Newyorktaylor.

Interview between Chante' Hall as the  interviewer and Make up artist Stephanie also known as Newyorktaylor; the interviewee.
Q: Hi Steph welcome to your Making Dreams Reality Segment, of course you came with your face on fleek lol; but I wanted to kick off this interview and ask you how do you make your dreams a reality? 
A: Lol thank you for the compliment; but I feel my dreams are made into reality everyday. Whenever I put my mind to something I feel as if I'm  already in the process of making my dreams my true reality.
Q: Your make up skills are exquisite, and I always see people tagging you on social media as their MUA. I must ask how does it feel to get your work noticed by everyone? 
A: Well, I love it I am blessed with all the opportunities that I receive, and the support received for my hard work just makes everything worth while. I really appreciate everyone that has been here while I grow.
Q: What about this profession keeps your going? 
A: What keeps me going with doing makeup is being able to bring someone's confident to 100%. Seeing that look on their face when they have seen their make over is priceless to me.
Q:What advice would you give to someone trying to make their dreams a reality as you are? 
A: I would have to tell them to put their ideas into play. Don't fear making mistakes cause they are going to happen, but just continue striving for what you want.
Q: That was a very good answer Steph, the last question I have for you is when can you put me on fleek lol?
A: Lol thank you, and girl I got you whenever your ready; just let me know and we'll make it happen!
Be sure to check out all the fierceness created by Stephanie by following her on social media @Newyorktaylor. Making Dreams a Reality one day at a time ...
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