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Making Dreams Reality Interview with Dancer B. Alex

Interview between Chante' Hall as the  interviewer and celebrity dancer B Alex; the interviewee.
B Alex
Q:Hey B.Alex, so you're a celebrity dancer which is so cool! Can you share with me how you make your dreams a reality each day in your field of choice? 
A: The first step for me in making my dreams a reality is to always stay focused. Being a dancer you have to take care of yourself and work really hard. Without a steady mindset you loose sight of the dream you even have.
Q: I must ask, out of all the things that you could possibly be do, why did you choose dance? 
A: Honestly, I have always loved dancing. When I was younger my mother put me in a dance school, and that just enlightened me more. I even majored and graduated in dance from Performing art school. Dance has always been apart of me its the love of my life.
Q: What celebs have you had the opportunity to work with, and what were those experiences like? 
A: I have had the opportunity to dance for a couple of individuals such as  Pharell, Kendrick Lamar, Fergie and Beyoncé. Performing on stage for these artists was an outstanding experience for me. I'm able to do what I love and do it  alongside some great artists of my time.
Q: Well the next time you dance for someone, make sure you call me so I can "hit the Quan" with you lol;  but I want to know through the journey you have been on what advice would you give individuals trying to make their dreams a reality as you are? 
A: Of course I'm going to call you right up lol; honestly though I would tell them to always follow their hearts! Always remember that there will be someone that is better than you at something, but as long as you work on improving who you are and what  your craft is they won't matter. Never give up on what you believe in. B Alex
Q: My last question for you would have to be, what is next? What can me expect from "B Alex" in the future? 
A: I plan on working on a lot of things, so you guys have to stay tuned for it! I also would love to go on tour with Rihanna so hopefully that can be made possible in the future.
A lot of great things are seen in Ms. "B Alex", and we wish her the best of luck with everything she plans to do! Be sure to check her out and all the cool things she'll be working on via social media @SheisB.Alexx. Making dreams reality one day at a time.

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