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Making Dreams Reality Interview with Author Loe

Interview between Chante' Hall as the interviewer and author and writer Loe; the interviewee.
Q: Hey Loe, and welcome to your Making Dreams Reality segment. Well of course I want to say congratulations to you on the recent release of your book "Laminated Beauty." The first question I have for you is how does it feel to have one of your goals met? 
A: Aww thank you I really appreciate it. With the release of my book I had the opportunity of hosting my very own book signing here in Philadelphia. Much love was shown that night and it was outstanding. To have my book published was a major accomplishment for me, and I felt completely happy. Though the process wasn't easy, it happened and it was perfect timing.
Q: That's amazing, and I'm very happy for you. So can you share with me what " Laminated Beauty is all about? 
FullSizeRender-21A: The book is filled with poems that individuals can relate to on an everyday basis. Written on the pages is the real of what I feel.
Q: Were you amazed by all the support gained for you book "Laminated Beauty"? 
A: I was amazed to see all my friends, and family coming together to support something I have worked so hard on was everything to me. I appreciated everyone for coming out for me, they made the night more enjoyable.
Q: What is it that poetry does for you? 
A: Poetry for me is the best form of expression. No matter what I'm feeling at the moment or during a situation I can always solve it with a poem. Writing heals and solves so much for me, and that is why I'm complete with it.
Q:Can you tell me how it is that you make your dreams a reality, and what advice you would give someone trying to do the same? 
A: Making my dreams a reality hmmm.. I feel as though I make my dreams a reality every time I add action to an idea. I love to write and  every time I am writing I am making my dreams a reality. The advice that I would give someone is to continue to strive no matter what anyone says. If you believe in it you can definitely achieve it!
Be sure to purchase your copy of "Laminated Beauty", and stay caught up with Ms. Loe via social media @_LaminatedBeauty. Making Dreams a reality one day at a time...

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